Ariel Chan

Lab Affiliation: Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab

Research interests: Bilingualism, heritage language acquisition, second language acquisition, code-switching, cultural identity, and socio-pragmatics

I am a PhD candidate in East Asian Linguistics at UCLA and a member of the BMB Lab. My research focuses on bilingualism, heritage language acquisition, and socio-pragmatics. Specifically, I’m interested in examining how sociocultural, cognitive, and linguistic factors interact with one another in bilingual processing. In my dissertation project, I examine code-switching behavior (the use of two languages within a sentence) in bilinguals who use both English and Cantonese with a high level of proficiency but who live in locations in which the two languages are used differently. Using code-switching as a lens of investigation, my dissertation project reveals about the interaction between sociocultural context, cultural identity, cognition, and language processing broadly.

Looking for:
Enthusiastic students who are interested in code-switching research from an integrated psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic perspective. Knowledge in Cantonese is preferred but not required.

Contact Information: