Calvin Yam

Lab Manager

Greetings all! My name is Calvin Yam and I am the lab manager of the UCI Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab. I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures and a minor in Cognitive Science.

I’m excited to undertake this role and support all the amazing research happening at this lab! In the future, I hope to cultivate my own research and pursue a doctoral degree in Linguistics, eventually applying my research into pedagogy.

Research Interests: heritage speaker language acquisition of sound changes/functional categories in Cantonese, transition of historical sound changes in Cantonese to heritage speaker communities

Although I have yet to start my own research project, I’m particularly interested in bilingual language acquisition in Cantonese heritage speakers. Specifically, I’m interested in seeing how cultural identity and L3 exposure can affect cognition with regards to perception and processing of Cantonese phonemes.

Looking for:
Individuals who are interested in researching Cantonese heritage language acquisition, students who are motivated and excited to explore topics in linguistics, heritage language acquisition, and pedagogy.

Contact Info: