2017-2018 Cohort (UC Riverside)


Tram Le

I am a second year Biology major student at UCR. I am particular interested in the research on Bilingual Minds and Brains because I am a trilingual speaker who is intrigued by the way the brain works for people who speak multiple languages. I want to gain more insight on bilingual’s cognitive and the brain’s capabilities to switch between languages. Also, I hope to gain experience working in lab setting and conducting different experiments.

Tida Thaipejr

Tida Thaipejr

I am a recent UC San Diego graduate with a double major in General Biology and Literatures of the World. My interests include studying receptive bilingualism in children and identifying how neural connections are formed during acquisition of a new language. In addition to this, I would be interested in further studies on identifying if foreign languages foster greater empathy in bilingual students.


Leila Yousefi-Rizi

I am a fourth year biology major and I am extremely excited to work in this lab! Coming from a biracial family, I grew up listening to my parents speak two completely different languages. The quick switch from English to Tagalog to Farsi has always fascinated me. This lab allows me to delve into the neural function behind bilingualism, as well as learn how individuals benefit from this skill.


Tzu-Ning Hsu

I am a sophomore studying Psychology, and this is my first year working as a research assistant. I speak Mandarin and English fluently with some understanding of Japanese. My background as a bilingual and my interest in psychology intrigued me to gain a better understanding in this topic, and I hope to acquire research skills and knowledge to apply them in my future career.


Tania Rodriguez

I am a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in psychology. My goal is to become a clinical psychologist and help out those who are mentally ill. I am interested in this lab because I am bilingual and would love to learn more about how bilingual cognition is interpreted in a research setting, and how it may differ in the cognition of a monolingual.

Jacquelyne Vergara


Aztli Ramirez

I am a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. This will be my first year in the lab. I myself am bilingual and enjoy seeing how this ability affects people’s everyday lives, and now I am interested to delve deeper as to what goes on in the brain when it comes to bilingualism. I love to see the many features and effects that languages have and I hope that by being a part of this lab I can further narrow what my particular interests are in the field of psychology and what direction I may want to go in later on.

Daisy 2

Daisy Lee

I am a Fourth Year Undergraduate at UCR majoring in Biology. I have a passion for studying anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience, and I aspire to work in a career where I can utilize and deepen my knowledge and skills in these areas. After hearing about this lab, I was interested in joining because—as a bilingual—I want to learn more about the brain, its connection with bilingualism, and the different techniques involved in conducting human research.


Edgar Ortuno

My name is Edgar Ortuño a third-year pursuing a double-major in Media and Cultural Studies, and Sustainability Studies. I am interested in learning how bilingual minds are wired, and where and how the two or more languages intersect in the brain. As a research assistant in this lab, I will be able to develop even further my research skills and apply them to pursue a PhD in Ethnic Studies.


Ketevan Abesadze

I am a second year student looking to major in Psychology and minor in Italian Studies. Ever since I can remember, I have had a fascination with languages. I am fluent in my native tongue, Georgian and I am currently studying Russian and Italian. I am so excited to be a part of this lab and learn about the capabilities of the brain when it comes to languages. I find it extremely interesting how individuals can speak multiple languages and comprehend specific things from various perspectives. I look forward to expanding my knowledge about Bilingualism and about myself as a bilingual speaker.

Si Yeon

Si Yeon Park

Hello, I am SiYeon Park, but I go by Lani. I am a third year psychology major and am interested in pursuing my career as a clinical psychologist. I am currently taking a psychology class on bilingualism and decided to participate in this lab as an R.A. because the topic was so intereting. As a bilingual, I would love to further expand my knowledge on the true benefits of bilingualism.

Julie Dieu


Adnan Syed

Hey! I’m a 3rd year Neuroscience major pursuing a career in the health field. This is my first year as an RA in the Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab. Being a bilingual myself, I am hoping to gain more knowledge about what kind of an effect language has on the human brain and how we process and comprehend different languages. I’m hoping to gain more research experience and hone essential skills for future endeavors in the field of healthcare!


Amy Kuang

Hello! I am a fourth year Psychology major. I plan to apply to apply for a Masters program in Psychology after I graduate. I’ve always had a great interest in learning new languages because they are helpful in communicating with different people wherever you travel to. Bilingualism has always been an interesting topic for me because I am interested in learning different languages and also because I grew up from a bilingual household. Meeting people who knows more than five languages really fascinates me, therefore I am curious to how they speak them so fluently and how they are able to switch between languages. I am interested in learning more about the Psychological aspect of learning new languages and I am looking forward to learning new things in this lab.


Samreen Kazi

I am a third year Biology major at UCR and this is my first year working in this lab. I am excited to learn about bilingualism and the cognitive processes that allow bilingual individuals to transition from one language to another. In this lab, I look forward to learning new skills about conducting research and hope to be able to apply them to other research studies in the future.


Valeriya Ragozina

I am a second year pre-med Psychology major and this is my first year working in the lab. I am planning to matriculate into medical school immediately after graduating from UCR and to go on to pursue psychiatry. I am excited to gain experience working with participants and to learn more about bilingualism and research methods.