Anne Beatty-Martinez


Visiting Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

Lab affiliations: The Penn State Psycholinguistics Lab; Bilingual Sentence Processing and Code-switching Lab (director: Dr. Giuli Dussias); Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain (director: Dr. Judy Kroll); Language and Aging Lab / SLEIC (director: Dr. Michele Diaz)

Research Interests:  bilingualism, codeswitching, cognitive control, implicit learning

I am a Ph.D. student in Spanish and Language Science working with Prof. Giuli Dussias at Penn State’s Center for Language Science. I am also a member of the steering committee for Bilingualism Matters at Penn State, an international organization whose mission is to interface current research on bilingualism and second language learning with society at large.

My research agenda involves the integration of linguistic, cognitive and neuroscientific approaches to examine how bilingual experience modulates language processing and cognitive control ability. In particular, I’m interested in examining how individuals’ production choices can predict comprehension difficulty by comparing production and comprehension performance of codeswitching and non-codeswitching bilinguals.

Contact Information


At UC-Riverside as Visiting Graduate Student:
3347 Olmsted Hall
University of California, Riverside

At Penn State as Graduate Student:
047 Burrowes Building
University Park, PA 16802