Floor Van Den Berg

2017-12-26 14.18.47

Visiting Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

Lab affiliation(s): Centre of Language & Cognition Groningen (CLCG), Bilingualism, Mind, & Brain Lab

Research interests: bilingual language processing and comprehension, bilingualism and aging, first language attrition, foreign-accent processing, event-related potentials (ERPs), individual differences
I am here as a visiting graduate student at the Bilingualism, Mind & Brain Lab as part of my master’s degree in linguistics at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I am primarily interested in the neural correlates of bilingual language processing and comprehension. During my internship I will among other things be working on the Rosetta Stone project, which investigates how short-term intensive learning of a second or third language impacts cognitive measures of inhibitory control and language regulation and how existing language experience modulates new learning. The goal of my internship is to experience what life as a researcher of (psycho)linguistics is like, and to gain more practical experience with neurocognitive research methods such as EEG, which I hope to apply in future research.

Contact information
At UC-Riverside as Visiting Graduate Student:
Olmsted 3351
University of California, Riverside
e-mail: f.a.van.den.berg [at] student.rug.nl