Guadalupe Aileen Mendoza


Research Interests: Bilingualism, Psycholinguistics, Language Development, Language Variation

I am a first year PhD student in the School of Education specializing in Human Development in Context. I obtained my B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Ethnic studies from the University of California, Riverside. As an undergraduate, I explored measuring language dominance in bilinguals based on task sustainability which allowed me to travel to Beijing, China where I conducted a study on Subjective Task Difficulty in Two Languages and its Effect on Task Ordering and Task Sustainability. I also worked as the lab manager for Dr. Judith Kroll’s Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain lab.

My current research interests focus on the behavioral and cognitive consequences of changes in language environment. I am working with Dr. Judith Kroll to develop a research program that explores the long-term effects of variation in early life language experience.

Research Interests: I am looking for any undergraduate students who are interested in bilingualism and are eager to learn!

Contact Information

Email: guadalam AT