Andrea Takahesu Tabori

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Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

Lab Affiliation(s): Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab

Research Interests: Age of acquisition effects in second language learning and processing; language learning processes in children and adults; lexical access in bilinguals

I am a second year student in the Cognitive area advised by Dr. Judith Kroll. I studied Psychology at Wellesley College, where I worked in Dr. Jennie Pyers’ Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Development. In Professor Pyers’ lab, I worked on projects that looked at the connection between children’s language and cognitive development and at the linguistic and cognitive effects of bilingualism in adult bilinguals. After graduation, I worked for Dr. Jill de Villiers at Smith College as a project coordinator for a study that developed the first computerized assessments for monolingual English-speaking preschoolers and Spanish-English bilingual preschoolers. I began the PhD program at Penn State University (where I completed my first year) and have since transferred to UCR to continue working with Dr. Kroll.

I am currently interested in how age of acquisition of the second language may impact new learning and perception.

Contact Information

3347 Olmsted Hall
University of California, Riverside

Email: ataka013 AT