Christian Navarro-Torres

Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

Lab Affiliation(s): ISÍ (I see) Eye-tracking Lab; Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab

Research Interests: Bilingual speech production and sentence processing; The relationship between lexical and syntactic representations; Code-switching; The role of experience in language

Curriculum Vitae

I am a graduate student in Cognitive Psychology at the University of California at Riverside, and an affiliate of the Center for Language Science at Penn State. I received my B.A. in Philosophy at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. For the past two years, my research has focused on examining cross-language activation of syntactic structures, and its relation to domain general cognition, while looking at sentence production in highly proficient bilinguals. More recently, I have become interested in examining speech production and comprehension in a series of collaborative projects:
  1. By using the eye-tracking technique to examine how, and under which circumstances, L2 speakers are able to predict syntactic information during auditory sentence comprehension.
  2. By investigating how different kinds of bilingual experiences (codeswitchers vs. non-codeswitchers) yield different consequences for language processing, particularly in the context of word production.
  3. By using the fMRI technique to examine the relation between language production deficits and aging, and how such deficits relate to behavioral/brain performance (with Dr. Michele Diaz).

Contact Information

3351 Olmsted Hall
University of California, Riverside

Email: navarro.torresc AT