Current Undergraduate Cohort


Dayra Bernal

I’m a third-year undergraduate transfer student majoring in Psychology. I plan on minoring in linguistics or speech and hearing sciences.  I am bilingual in Spanish and English, I can also understand a bit of French. I grew up in a Spanish-speaking household which reinforced both languages at a very young age. I enjoy watching educational youtube videos on how languages have developed over time and movies/tv-shows from foreign countries. Some of my research interests include language acquisition, bilingual education, and phonetics

Yuhao Bi

Yuhao Bi

I am a junior majoring in Education Science. This is my first time to work in a lab. Language is not only a communication tool but also a means of earning a living. In today’s society, people who can speak two or more common languages can often have greater advantages in social competition. As a bilingual student, I am willing to help others better learn a language and enjoy the benefit of talking to various people. It is not only about studying linguistics, but also interpreting countries’ cultures. My dream is to be a language educator and make sure people could learn Chinese easily one day.


Perry Chen

I am a second year at UC Irvine pursuing a Bachelor’s in International Studies, and interested in Business Administration. I grew up in a bilingual household speaking English and Mandarin. This is my first time working as a research assistant. I am excited to be a part of this lab and learn about research methods, L2 acquisition, and the effects of bilingualism on the brain.


Yuexin Chen

Hi! I am a first year looking to double major Language Science and Anthropology. I’m currently bilingual in Mandarin and English, however, I’m on the path to learn Japanese, French and even Quenya. Personally being a bilingual, I can’t help noticing the difference in mind set when I’m speaking another language. I’m mostly interested in the field of how multiple languages evolve within the same culture and its social-psychological impact. I wish Bilingual Mind and Brain Lab can make my aspirations a reality by allowing me to understand more about the bilingual human mind.


Bianca Cho

Hi! I am a second-year undergraduate student pursuing a major in Business Economics with a minor in Psychology. I am interested in learning more about language acquisition and how the brain of a bilingual person works.  Growing up in a Mandarin, Cantonese, and English speaking household, I was always fascinated with how the brain can easily switch between the different languages when thinking or speaking. I look forward to joining the Bilingualism, Brain, and Mind Lab as a Research Assistant!


Eliya Chong

Hello, I am a senior majoring in Psychology. I have always wondered how language came to be acquired by humans, in a sense where one perceives and understands a language. As a bilingual person, it is really interesting to experience that different languages are stored systematically in one’s brain. I am looking forward as to joining this team as a research assistant.

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Charlotte Conroy

My name is Charlotte Conroy and I am a third year Psychology major at UCI. I am originally from the United Kingdom and have lived in California for the last three years. I have a strong interest in speech language and cognitive processes and I am very excited to be a Research Assistant in the Bilingualism, Brain and Mind Lab!


Geoffrey Cui

Hi there, thanks for taking a break on Netflix and deciding to read my description. My name is Geoffrey Cui, and I am a junior undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. I can speak two languages and alter them with ease. The association between the brain mechanisms and language abilities always fascinates me — we, as humans, possess the ability to communicate with complex verbal expressions, which is virtually nonexistence in any other species on planet earth. Digging deeper, some of us are able to express fluently in more than two languages, while some of us can only speak about 0.8 of a language since they are still struggling with the metric system. As a Psych major, it is my instinct to discover the linguistic uniqueness among individuals and the contributing factors. I believe that Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab is just the right place for me.


Abimael Hernandez Jimenez

I’m a senior majoring in Psychology and Language Science. My primary interests are semantics/pragmatics, computational linguistics, and psycholinguistics. I am interested in how we assign meaning to words and what cognitive processes are involved in that assignment.


Yuqi Hu

My name is Yuqi Hu I am a senior majoring in Economics. I am from China, and I can
speak two languages, Mandarin and English, which I am code-stitching in my daily
speak, and which I can switch from one to the other with some suffering I countered in
the transition of meaning taken place in my mind. I found that bilingualism is always an
interesting topic when it comes to the language acquisition of bilingual and multilingual
speakers. This pretty much summed up my major interest in this research project. Other
than that, I am also interested in sign language, and other linguistic studies. I always
find linguistics is something that gives me inspiration in my academic life, and give my
new insights to reconsider my major study.


Andy Huynh

I am a second year undergraduate student majoring in Language Science at UCI. I grew up in a very diverse setting in which me and a majority of my peers are proficient enough in a language other than English to hold a conversation in that language. I am interested in language acquisition as well as language processing. Through this opportunity, I hope to gain research experience, research skills, and additional knowledge about bilingualism. I look forward to being a part of this research team and learning throughout my stay here.

white tiger thu

Thu Huynh

Hello, my name is Thu Huynh. You can call me Ezra. I am currently a 5th-year Software Engineering major at the University of California, Irvine. My interests are mainly UX research/design, UI design and product management with the goal of utilizing human-centered design methodologies to enhance the user experience of all forms. I’m also a second language learner with Vietnamese as my first language and English as my second.


Noah Khaloo

My name is Noah Khaloo. I am a third year Psychology Student with a minor in Biology. I grew up speaking Farsi with my family and I am extremely excited to be learning about the psychological and neurological implications of being able to speak/learn two languages.


Amy Li

Hello! My name is Amy and I’m currently a sophomore undergraduate student majoring in Cognitive Science at UCI. I grow up watching many foreign language animes and TV shows, which provided me a solid foundation for acquiring my third language Japnese. As a trilingual person fluent in both western and Eastern languages, I am very intrigued by how learning different systems of language can affect one’s lifestyle and culture views through a biopsychosocial model.


Prescilla Luna-Cota

Hello, I am a Senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Hearing and Speech Sciences. My passion for language began in my American Sign Language 1 and 2 classes at Cerritos Community College; there, my professors shared their experiences as deaf people facing adversity in the hearing world while embracing deaf culture. From Cerritos to UCI, I was inspired to learn more about language, the brain, and how it helps us navigate the world. I am excited to begin my journey in research with the team at the Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab.


Joshua Ma

Greetings! I am a junior double majoring in Chinese Studies (focus on language) and Political Science, with a minor in Civic and Community Engagement at the University of California, Irvine. I was born in the San Gabriel Valley and started learning Mandarin when I was 12 months old. I feel privileged that as a biracial Chinese American and African American male, I have unique personal insights into how a second language learner becomes a bilingual adult when neither of his parents speak the target language; in this case Mandarin.  I am thankful for this research opportunity with the Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab because I want to acquire skills in experimental design, testing research participants using a variety of methods, and analyzing data. I also want to learn how to present and write about research so I can fulfill my long term research goals of exploring mental health and stigma analysis in African American and Chinese communities.


Nam Nhat Mai

Hello! My name is Nam and I’m a first-year majoring in chemistry. What sparked my interest for this research was my background as a bilingual. I want to better understand how myself and other bilinguals can switch from one language to the another with ease and how it helps us communicate better. I hope to gain experience and develop the skills needed to be successful at research.

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Emalie Mendoza

I am a fourth year undergraduate transfer student majoring in Psychological Sciences at UCI. I have always been interested in expanding my knowledge on bilingual brains and how bilinguals are able to switch their languages with such ease. I grew up in the diverse city of LA, where many people spoke more than one language, so I am very excited to learn how the brain acquires and processes different languages. I am looking forward to being part of the Bilingualism Mind and Behavior Lab!


Gretta Ozuna

Hi! My name is Gretta Ozuna and I’m a first year student majoring in biological sciences. I am fascinated by the important, and sometimes unnoticed, role of language in the development of the human brain and society as a whole. This, together with the fact that I grew up in a bilingual household, sparked my interest in the cognitive process of speaking two languages.  For a long time, I did not realize the privilege of being raised speaking two languages as it is often difficult to learn a second language as an adult.  I hope the knowledge acquired through this lab helps me facilitate this process to others.


Rosetta Pendleton

I am a 4th year student at UC Irvine majoring in Computer Science and minoring in linguistics. I am bilingual in English and Japanese. I am interested in technology that aims to understand and process natural language. I applied to be a Research Assistant in the Bilingualism, Mind and Brain Lab because I’ve found that current speech processors such as Siri and Alexa are unable to juggle more than one language at a time. I hope the knowledge and skills I gain here will help me build technology that supports bilinguals like myself!


Kate Phan

Hi, I am a senior majoring in Psychology! I’m proud to say that I’m fluent in both English and Vietnamese, however, I’m still planning to learn at least 2 more languages. Multilingualism have always been a huge interest of mine, so I’m hoping that by being a part of this lab as a research assistant, I’ll be able to further understand how the human brain acquires and processes different languages. In doing so, I can then apply this knowledge into helping others become bilingual, as well.


Danny Quan

Hello, everyone! I am a 5th-year student at UC Irvine majoring in Psychology. After obtaining my B.A. in Psychology, I’m planning on pursuing Ph.D. I am interested in this lab because I want to understand how our brain is able to switch between two languages. I am excited to work with out lab members and collaborate with other institutions around the country.


Cesar Rosales

I am a fourth-year student at UC Irvine pursuing degrees in Language Science and Psychology. I am excited to assist in the Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab and its research on bilingualism. My interest in bilingualism largely developed from my experience growing up as a bilingual speaker. As a research assistant, I hope to expand my research experience and learn about what sets bilinguals and monolinguals apart, what bilingualism entails cognitively, and how two languages are managed in the brain. I am also interested in learning whether bilingualism confers advantages in additional language acquisition.

BREE (1)

Briana Ruiz

Hi I’m Bree! I am a senior double majoring in Psychology and Anthropology. I’ve always been fascinated with language acquisition and second language acquisition, and how children learn and apply meaning to language. I am also interested in learning how cultural context influences the various aspects to human learning and growth.


Yongjia Song

Hello! My name is Yongjia Song. I’m a senior student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Statistics and Informatics at UCI. As a bilingual, what always interests me is how bilinguals process different languages and switch their languages. I’m also interested in second language acquisition. Through the experience in the lab, I hope to learn more about bilingualism, language and brain, at the same time, get inspiration from other people, and prepare for my future study in this field.


Audrey Sugimoto

Hi! I am a fourth year majoring in Language Science and minoring in Psychology. I am very interested in language acquisition and cognitive processes. After college, I plan on becoming a Speech Language Pathologist and hope to apply what I learned from this lab to my future bilingual patients. I am so excited to be a part of the Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab!


Calvin Yam

Hey guys! I’m currently a 3rd year Linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures major at UCLA. As a heritage speaker of Cantonese, I’ve always been curious about bilingualism and language acquisition. I’m excited to be part of the Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab and look forward to learning more about how we are able to acquire language and code-switch.


Ania Zdziarska

I am a first-year looking to major in Language Science. I have been interested in languages for as long as I can remember. The languages that I am learning are Polish, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. I love the concept that a new language can change one’s outlook. I joined this research team in order to further explore how the acquisition of language can impact people’s lives.