Oluyemisi Eshugbohungbe


Lab Coordinator, Department of Psychology

Lab affiliations: Riverside Audiovisual Speech and Audition Lab; Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab

Research Interests: neuropsychological influence on language production; neurolinguistic mechanisms; cognitive constraints on language

I am a recent college graduate with a B.A. in Linguistics, B.S. in Psychology, and a minor in Japanese from the University of California, Riverside. I’ve worked in Dr. Lawrence Rosenblum’s RASAL Lab examining cross-modal speech perception. My research interests include investigating the effect of linguistics in cognitive domains, analyzing the interaction between neuropsychology and language pathologies, and detecting cognitive constraints on language via bilingualism.

Contact Information

3329 Olmsted Hall
University of California, Riverside

Email: oluyemisi.eshugbohungbe@ucr.edu