Reinaldo Cabrera Pérez

Reinaldo Cabrera Pérez is a first-generation Ph.D. student in the Human Development in Context concentration at the University of California, Irvine’s School of Education.

Prior to his doctoral studies, Reinaldo earned a dual Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Russian Studies as well as a Russian-English Translations Certificate from the University of Florida (UF). His research interests intersect the disciplines of bilingualism, heritage and second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and childhood and young adulthood language development. Specifically, he is interested in investigating the consequences of early childhood development in young adulthood by applying different psychometric measures. 

He has actively been involved in organizations that promote bilingualism, such as Bilingualism Matters. One of Reinaldo’s goals is to translate laboratory findings into easier-to-understand information and to create a dialogue between linguistic researchers and the general population to address the importance of language diversity and bilingualism.

Lab Affiliation(s): Bilingual, Mind, and Brain Lab; Human Abilities in Bilingual Language Acquisition Lab; Brain, Language, and Bilingualism Lab (UF).

Research interests: multi/bilingualism, language variation, heritage and second language acquisition, code-switching, language brokering, individual linguistic variability.

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